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December 20, 2002

VGIC Update 

The Virginia Horticulture Council has been very busy lately reinventing itself.  It all began with a meeting…sound familiar?  Well, the directors of the VHC met to talk about how the council should serve the industry and how to revitalize the stagnant organization.  We talked about the need that exists for a unifying organization to represent all the branches of horticulture under one canopy.  As a result the officers and directors decided to hire a branding agency to help us “think outside the box”.  Martin Branding out of Richmond worked diligently with us to distill all of our goals, dreams, and ideals for the unifying organization into a marketable package. 

The Virginia Green Industry Council was launched this fall.  We have a new organization name, a mission statement, an environmental code, a logo, a slogan, an industry website, a consumer website, letterhead, brochures, stickers…we   are   on   a   roll!!! 

The mission of the newly formed Virginia Green Industry Council is: “ To unify, strengthen and promote the Green Industry and maintain, promote and certify industry practices and principles that will keep Virginia green and growing.”  In order for the VGIC to serve its mission truthfully we need to accurately represent ALL branches of horticulture. The Virginia Green Industry Council consists of providers and consumers of horticultural products and services.  To accurately represent the industry, we need ALL the horticulture organizations to join and we also need individual businesses to join. 

Why should you join? You should join for numerous reasons but here are a few primary reasons to join.  You should support and promote your industry. There is strength in numbers and our economic impact will be felt even more when all the dollars generated by the entire green industry in Virginia are tallied.  Issues threaten our industry and a unified voice is a louder voice.  Information is the cornerstone of VGIC and is vital to the health of your business and the success of our industry organizations.  So please join today and help “keep Virginia green and growing”. 

What will VGIC do next? How will we keep the ball rolling?  To stay one step ahead, we recently attended a one-day strategic planning meeting.  We came away from that meeting with a renewed commitment to our mission statement and a new vision statement as well as three goals that are succinct, doable, and attached to completion dates.

Goal #1 is to increase our council membership so we truly represent the green industry.

Goal #2 is to BE the unified, proactive voice of Virginia’s green industry.

Goal #3 is to become a financially viable and structured organization.

But most importantly, the day spent in free and open discussion cemented our commitment for this council to succeed.  The VGIC has a difficult journey ahead that will be filled with growing pains but it is so thrilling to hear from folks in the industry who are excited about what the Virginia Green Industry Council can do to unify, strengthen and promote our industry in Virginia. 


Jeri LeMay, President,
Virginia Green Industry Council
(formerly the Virginia Horticulture Council)

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