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VGIC History

Unifying Virginia Green Industry


The original initiative for this Council came from the Virginia Nurserymen’s Association with the Turfgrass Council, Greenhouse Growers, Florists (FTD), Christmas Tree Growers and the Master Gardeners being the first to join in the organizational effort.


In1988, The Virginia Nurserymen installed a 60’ x 90’ X.S. Smith Greenhouse, landscaping, irrigation and other appurtenances with an investment of $12,000 in addition to numerous donations of time and materials from members and suppliers.

In 1989, the VNA committed $10,000, the Turfgrass Council committed $5,000, the Master Gardeners provided manpower and the Greenhouse Growers grew over 10,000 plants for color at the Green Industry Exposition. Additional site improvements were made with Bomanite and paver walkways, sodded the center area and installed a permanent Gazebo. Bob Thompson of  THE VICTORY GARDEN, judged the FFA Green Industry Exhibits, conducted a garden seminar and filmed a segment for future showing on Public TV.

The first annual meeting was held on February 2, 1990, at the State Fairgrounds in Richmond with over 230 in attendance.

In 1990, the State Fair gave the Green Industry Pavilion the use of the old Youth World Building, renamed it the Green Industry Pavilion and added a wide door in the end that opens directly to the entrances to the greenhouses.

In 1991, the building was used for flower shows and vegetable displays as well as ongoing educational seminars.

We see tremendous potential to stage other events throughout the year, at the State Fairgrounds, to promote the Green Industry Industry. Also, joint efforts in other areas such as legislative matters concerning pesticides, groundwater, labor, etc. that can have a major impact on the future of your business.

The main event that the Green Industry Council is promoting is the Green Industry Exposition at the State Fair of Virginia, located in the Green Industry Pavilion area The objective is to provide a showcase for Virginia Green Industry to the general public. We need to increase their knowledge, awareness and desire for our products. After all, it is the consumer who makes this profession a worthwhile field of endeavor for all of us.

The Green Industry Industry is the fastest growing segment of Agriculture in Virginia and needs to become a united force in Virginia to promote the industry to future employees, consumers and legislators. We would like YOU, and/or your Green Industry association affiliate, to be a part of this opportunity.


There will be two classes of membership: general industry organizations and associate memberships (Friends of the Green Industry Industry). Each general membership shall be entitled to one vote and each associate memberships will be entitled to one vote.

To become a part of this historic event for Green Industry in Virginia, encourage Green Industry organizations, of which your are a member, to join the Virginia Green Industry Council. You are also invited to join individually, as a Friend of Green Industry.

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