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VGIC Strategic Plan 2008-2009

Mission Statement: To unify, strengthen and promote the Green Industry and maintain, promote professional industry practices and principles that Keep Virginia Green And Growing.

Vision Statement: VGIC is the proactive voice of Virginia’s Green Industry coordinating industry organizations, providing education, environmental guidelines and other information keeping Virginia green and growing.

Slogan – GoGreen, Keep Virginia Green and Growing.

Environmental Statement of Ethics

Virginia’s Green Industry, the organization and all of its representatives, are encouraged to adhere to the highest environmental and professional standards.

Goal #1: Expand the membership of the Council by December 31, 2009


bulletCreate a committee that is driven to generate greater green organization’s membership.
bulletIdentify and market the benefits of belonging to VGIC.
bulletIncrease creditability with awards and recognitions by annually recognizing and publicize individual businesses for green practices who have been outstanding in their field and selected by their trade association.
bulletDevelop committees to make suggestions for membership to be better Champions of the Environment with annual updates.


Goal #2: VGIC is further recognized as the unified, proactive voice of Green Industry
issues in Virginia by December 31, 2009.


bulletIdentify Green Industry issues to be managed in 2008 (new committee)
bulletCoordinate distribution of vital information about Green Industry issues.
bulletEncourage high professional standards of Green Industry businesses.
bulletContinue to brand VGIC utilizing the branding study and materials.
bulletServe as liaison between the Green Industry and the Virginia Agribusiness Council.


Goal #3: Expand VGIC’s financial stability for further event activities
by December 31, 2009


bulletGenerate non-dues revenue.
bulletIdentify key Green Industry strategic partners and sponsorships.
bulletHold Green-industry events to showcase Virginia’s Green products and services.


Goal #4: Develop transitional leadership within VGIC to ensure its stability and the ongoing
stability of its activities by 12/31/09


Continually recruit, train and have a succession plan for volunteer leaders.


Hold quarterly Board of Directors Meetings.


Establish and maintain committees: Membership, Education and others as needed.

Value Assessment: Values most important to the group are to maintain high ethics, quality/strategic alliances, and a positive image of the industry.

VGIC’s Primary Customer is the Green Industry member association/organization.

VGIC’s Secondary Customers are the general public, legislators, regulatory agencies and providers of products and services to the Green Industry.



Education and Promotion

To be relevant to the industry (council should have a defined purpose, since membership is so varied)

Educate and promote

bulleta. Have a "townhall" industry seminar on a key issue (immigration, water, invasives, etc)
bulleti. Action: MAHSC seminar/townhall on current industry issue at a lunch meeting. (roundtable discussion)
bulletii. Promote immigration discussion, registration with MAHSC, box lunch, brief presentation by "knowledge expert" on issue.
bulletiii. Solicit members of the green industry with a personal 1-on-1 invitation to a fun/educational/hospitality event that is part of another event
bulletb. Promote educational programs/certification, list certified members on public website


The associations and other members of VGIC come together on issues

bulletc. They discuss and resolve, perhaps have seminars to educate members
bulletd. Then they enter the legislative process as one unified voice to promote a position on those issues
bullete. This outcome (legislative support) is a service of VGIC to its members

Develop position statements on issues that support/help the member organizations based on a consensus of the group

bulletf. Promote professional practice and principles
bulletg. Complete development of a water management plan (e.g. drought, runoff, water quality, erosion, groundwater recharge) by having representation on the Water Quality Control Board

Members advertise our events in their newsletters and website

bulleth. Help consumers make informed choices
bulleti. Educate and communicate to public
bulletj. Membership should advertise VGIC by using logo


bulletDefine tangible benefits
bulletPartner with other organizations’ membership drives
bulletRecruit industry membership and grow membership with a membership drive
bulletChallenge each existing member to bring in one new member
bulletSome people are waiting for a personal one-on-one member invite
bulletSolicit sponsors
bulletSeek out organizations that are not already members and partner with them, which will bolster the industry’s strength and representation (corollary – "increase membership")
bulletTo be relevant to the industry (Council should have a defined purpose, since membership is so varied)
bulletDo we really know why they’re not active and do we need to survey VGIC members?
bulletExpand levels of membership
bulleta. "steering committee" the voting body of organizations who send a representative
bulletb. Individual memberships – non-voting but different level of dues paying’
bulletc. "Supporters" to generate non-dues revenue through donations
bulletd. Other "list-serv members
bulletSend out logo and materials to members bulletWhen membership invoices go out, call members and non-members on why not a member bulletSeek out organizations that are not already members and partner with them, which will bolster the industry’s strength and representation (corollary "increase membership")


bulletstrengthen financial base through sponsorships
bulletGenerate additional non-dues revenue


bulletTo be a clearinghouse so that it informs members of up-to-date changes, issues, opportunities, etc in the industry
bulletThe existing council organization members need to share information that their respective associations provide to their individual members (ex. An association has monthly meetings with special speakers, that info could be posted.) Maybe council members could have a password to access that info.
bullet"Providing information" may not be enough.

Legislative/Regulatory Issues

bulletTo complete development of a water management plan
bulletDevelop a strong voice to network agribusiness council on legislative issues

Activities to support

bulletWebsite, press releases, Garden Festival, State Fair Gardens
bulletEmphasize certification
bulletEmphasize ‘green’ BMPs, and that we are the original green industry
bulletPromote education programs
bulletPromote certification on consumer website
bulletPromote environmental statement
bulletHave events at other industry events
bulletPartner with other events

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