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Links to Green Industry Related Sites

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    Disaster Planning (Hurricanes)
    Disease/Pest Problem Solving
    Garden/Landscape Info
    Government Resources
    Immigration Issues
    Invasive Planting Resource Links
    Recycling: Pesticide Containers, Greenhouse Poly, Plant Containers
    Regulations: Fertilizer & Pesticide Applicators
    Spanish: Pesticide Training Resources
    Starting in the Garden Center Business
Starting in the Nursery Business
    Starting in the Greenhouse Business
Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension Resources

Water Resources/Info

Oil Spill in the Gulf
The Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) has a webpage dedicated to FAQs about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The website defines what crude oil is and has information about what it would take for the oil in the Gulf to reach Virginia and what would happen in Virginia if the Commonwealth experienced an oil spill. The website offers information about the pros and cons of various cleanup techniques. Go to:


Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Maymont     Flower & Garden Show

Norfolk Botanical Garden


Tree Dictionary

Arborist: Mid-Atlantic Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture    
            Arboriculture Program at Blue Ridge Community College

Arborist:Tree Care Industry Association

International Society of Arboriculture 

TreeLink To improve urban and community forests by providing Internet-based information, tools and inspiration.


Associated Landscape Contractors of America     (see PLANET)

American Boxwood Society

American Bramble Growers Association

American Conifer Society

American Horticultural Society 

America In Bloom

American Rhododendron Society

American Rhododendron Society Rhododendron and Azalea News

American Nursery & Landscape Association 

American Society of Landscape Architects

Arborist: Mid-Atlantic Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture    

            Arboriculture Program at Blue Ridge Community College

Association of Professional Landscape Designers 

Bedding Plants 

Central Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association

Farmers Direct Marketing Association


Garden Writers Association of America 

Garden Club of Virginia

Hampton Roads Nursery & Landscape Association  

Holly Society of America

International Society of Arboriculture 

Landscape Contractors Association MD DC VA

Mid-Atlantic Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture    

            Arboriculture Program at Blue Ridge Community College

Mid-Atlantic Home & Flower Show  

National Arbor Day Foundation 

National Christmas Tree Association

Native Plant Information Network

Ohio Florists Association 

Perennial Plant Association

Professional Grounds Maintenance Society 

PLANET Professional Landcare Network                     formerly ALCA and PLACA

Richmond Bonsai Society

RISE  provides science-based information about the responsible use of pesticides
                                             to manage the threat these pests pose to human health and safety

Scenic Virginia   

Southwest Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association

Southeast Greenhouse Conference

Southern Nursery Association 

State Fair of Virginia

Virginia Apple Board

Virginia Agribusiness Council

Virginia Association of Biological Farming

Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Assoc

Virginia Farmers Direct Marketing Association

Virginia Flower Growers Association

Virginia Gardening Info   

Virginia Green Industry Council

Virginia Master Gardeners

Virginia Native Plant Society 

Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association

Virginia Society of Landscape Designers

Virginia Turfgrass Council

Virginia Urban Forest Council

Disaster Planning

Hurricane Preparation Info for Virginia
Online Toolkit to Help Businesses Prepare for Disasters (6/1/05)
                        As hurricane season begins, preparedness guide can help businesses survive and recover from disasters
                        To access the tool kit, visit the Web at 

Hurricane Preparation & Pesticide Storage
                Clemson Fact Sheet with tips on Pesticide Storage and links.
                 The phone numbers for the VDACS Office of Pesticide Services personnel in Richmond
                  and in the field are available at the following web URL:

Disease Problem Solving          [Back to Top]

Rose Rosette Disease e-book

Box blight fact sheet

Recording of recent Box blight update webinar (ANLA, 2013)

Impatiens downy mildew webinar (ANLA, 2012)


Virginia Tech Extension Publications

Abiotic Plant Disorders: Symptoms, Signs and Solutions - A Diagnostic Guide to Problem Solving (11/07)
            Michigan State University Extension, download a PDF copy at

Pesticide Registration Database

COINCIDE: The Orton System of Pest & Disease Management, correlate your pest and disease control method with an easily observable characteristic of common ornamental plant development. New edition 2007, 306 pages, by Donald Orton, $44.00, 630-668-8597,

Integrated Pest Management - SRIPMC - New website provides info on pesticide stewardship
                           Southern Region Integrated Pest Management Center

Trees & Flooding

            Kim Koder at the University of Georgia has good information on trees and flooding at:       

            The US Forest Service also has information on trees and flooding at

            For more information and images of trees damaged by storms and their chances for recovery,
                        visit the National Arbor Day Foundation Website at:

Emerald Ash Borers

            Info from the source in Michigan


Gardening/Landscaping Info   [Back to Top]

Why Hire A Professional Landscape Designer

Summer Lawn Management: Watering the Lawn
                Publication Number 430-010, Posted February 2001

Virginia Gardening

Gardens in Virginia
   (extensive list of public/private gardens in Virginia, many with boxwood gardens)

How To Photograph Flowers

Additional Resources for Proper Landscape Planting, Mulching and Irrigation

Government         [Back to Top]

Connecting Businesses with Federal Agencies
            Excellent resource for Starting a Business or info on business development, financial assistance,
             taxes, laws and regulations, workplace issues, buying and selling and federal forms

Commonwealth of Virginia 

Commonwealth of Virginia Legislative Info 

Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Labor
            Workman's Comp. Regulations and Publications

Commonwealth of Virginia Business Assistance Center
            Virginia Business Information Hotline
The Virginia Department of Business Assistance (DBA) provides both established businesses
            and budding entrepreneurs with information about doing business in Virginia, help in solving problems,
            and referrals to federal, state, and local programs that help businesses prosper. DBA also administers
            the Virginia Small Business Incubator Program, offers workforce training assistance, and provides a
            variety of loan, loan guarantee, and capital access programs through its Virginia Small Business
            Financing Authority.  Toll-free:1-866-248-8814,

EPA Ag Center,
            For Nurseries & Greenhouses

EPA Underground Storage Tank (UST) Info

FairPay Overtime Initiative US Dept of Labor (effective 8/23/04)
                Grower/Florist FairPay info

Fertilizer Laws - Who needs a fertilizer license?

Immigration I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
               (now a
Fillable PDF) 6/26/06

Frequently Asked Questions About Employment Eligibility & I-9 6/26/06

IRS Nursery Industry Audit Techniques Guide,,id%3D7029,00.html
                Contains chapters on Garden Center and Equipment Dealers, Greenhouses, Nurseries and Mulch.
                You can review information on Accounting Methods, Depreciation, Books and Records
                and possible interview questions used during audits.  (9/6/04)

Maryland Business License Information 

New Jersey Business License & Sales Tax Info 

National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center
        (one stop for ag community - seeks to increase compliance by helping the ag community identify flexible, common sense ways to comply with the many environmental requirements that affect their business.   1-800-913-551-7207

National Agricultural Statistics Service 

National Invasive Species Information Network 

Non-Point Source News and Info
    Bulletin dealing with the condition of the water-related environment, the control of nonpoint sources of water pollution (NPS), and the ecosystem-driven management and restoration of watersheds. NPS pollution comes from many sources and is caused by rainfall or snowmelt moving over and through the ground. As the runoff moves, it picks up and carries away natural pollutants and pollutants resulting from human activity, finally depositing them into lakes, rivers, wetlands, coastal waters, and groundwater. NPS pollution is associated with land management practices involving agriculture, silviculture, mining, and urban runoff.

Noxious Weeds 

OSHA Resources 

Pesticide Applicator Certification VDACS
Who needs to be certified to apply pesticides in Virginia?

-- News, information and resources on conventional, biological,
         biochemical and anti-microbial pesticides.
    -- Free, unrestricted access to all news, documents and  resources
         added within the last two weeks, so check back often.
    -- Updated several times per week.
    -- Over ten thousand full text documents and many other resources.

Poison Control Centers Call: 800-222-1222

Blue Ridge Poison Center
University of Virginia Health System
P.O. Box 800774
Charlottesville, VA 22908-0774
Emergency Phone: (800) 222-1222

National Capital Poison Center
3201 New Mexico Avenue, NW, Suite #310
Washington, D.C. 20016
Emergency Phone(s): (800) 222-1222;
TDD/TYY: (800) 222-1222

Virginia Poison Center
Medical College of Virginia Hospitals
Virginia Commonwealth University Health System
PO Box 980522
Richmond, VA 23298-0522
Emergency Phone: (800) 222-1222

SCORE's Free Email Counseling Provides Fast Answers
Have a business question that's been nagging you? Are you unsure how to resolve a conflict
            or business dilemma? Try SCORE's email counseling. This free service from experienced
            business professionals will help you get on the right track-right away. You can search for
            an advisor by key  words or by entering your question. Then, select a counselor and get
            started. SCORE's counselors respond within 48 hours, and all counseling is free.
            Use Email Counseling today. .

                    (Brought to you by , SCORE, "Counselors to America's Small Business,"
                    a nonprofit association and resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration.
                     SCORE is dedicated to entrepreneurship and the formation, growth and success of small
                    businesses nationwide. Since 1964, SCORE has helped nearly 4.5 million entrepreneurs.)

Tree Info/Tips

Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (VDACS) 

Virginia's Finest Nursery/Green Industry 

Immigration Issues

U.S. Social Security Administration Info 

IRS Enacts new rules for Immigrant Wages - Regarding the amount of income tax employers
                             must withhold from wages paid to nonresident alien employees. (2/6/07)

Invasive Plant Info              [Back to Top]

Website and Poster: Invasive Species in Virginia -- -- The website includes state, regional, and national news about invasive species and information about invasive species in Virginia, including species profiles.  It also provides information on the Virginia Invasive Species Working Group; Virginia Invasive Species Management Plan; laws and regulations pertaining to invasive species; and resources. Report suspected new invasive species infestations to Kevin Heffernan, Natural Heritage Stewardship Biologist, 804-786-9112.

The poster features photos and brief descriptions of twelve invasive species -- Zebra Mussel, Sirex Wood Wasp, Rusty Crayfish, Sudden Oak Death/Ramorum Blight, Chinese Mitten Crab, Emerald Ash Borer, Northern Snakehead Fish, Tree-of-heaven, Japanese Stilt Grass, Rapa Whelk, Imported Fire Ant, Phragmites.  The poster also provides contact information to report sightings. Posters are free, but there is a $5 shipping and handling cost. They may be ordered from the Friends of the Rivers of Virginia, PO Box 1750, Roanoke, VA 24008. For details, or to order multiple copies, contact FORVA Chairman Bill Tanger, at or call 540-266-0237.

Virginia Invasive Species Management Plan

 Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

St. Louis Invasive Plant Species Workshop

USDA Noxious and Invasive Plant Database and State Links

Invasive Plant Issues
Linking Ecology and Horticulture to Prevent Plant Invasions
Voluntary Codes of Conduct for Nursery Professionals

Turfgrass Info                      [Back to Top]

Heat Stress on Turf 2010 - Tips from Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Crop Soil Environmental Sciences

Turfgrass Variety Recommendations from Virginia Tech and the University of Maryland

Summer Lawn Management: Watering the Lawn

Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension  [Back to Top]

Resources from Virginia Tech

Human Issues In Horticulture

New publications available on Gardening and Your Health

Publications available on topics of popular interest gardening in the large-print version

Do you know when to Go Green?


Guide to Nutrient Management


Turfgrass Nutrient Management Practices in Virginia

Cooperative Extension Offices Directory  Virginia Tech

Cooperative Extension Publications Online Virginia Tech 

Department of Crop and Environmental Sciences  Virginia Tech 

Department of Entomology - Insect ID  Virginia Tech 

Department of Horticulture  Virginia Tech 

Pest Management Guides online and PDF format to download      Virginia Tech

Soil Testing Lab 

Turfgrass Variety Recommendations from Virginia Tech and the University of Maryland

Weed Identification Resource  Virginia Tech   

Virginia Tech HokiSports - Gateway to VA Tech Athletics

Virginia Tech Turfgrass contacts:


Pesticide Containers:
                                VDACS Office of Pesticide Services at 804-371-6561


Regulations Affecting the Green Industry      [Back to Top]

National Pesticide Worker Certification Manual

Fertilizer & Pesticide Applicator Regulations

Pesticide Registration Database

Pesticide Applicator Training

Training Aids in Spanish are available from other states
Core Manual of Michigan:
The manual can be downloaded or ordered from them.

Purdue university website, go down to commercial applicator click on the link Spanish version of the Core Manual  This manual can be completely downloaded on a pdf format
and it has some color pictures, is less than 6 months old. Some information is specific to the state of Indiana.
Basic concepts are very similar to the one in VA Core, the main difference is this manuals
do not have specific information to our state (licensing, recertification and categories of license).

  All the testing in VA is in English. To help workers prepare for it, knowing the concepts of the manual will not be enough,
they will have to read and understand the questions in the test. Having the manuals in their language should be a plus.

Pesticide Training Assistance: contact:

                    Marlene Larios, Pesticide & Workplace Safety Trainer, Telamon Corporation,                  

                    For additional information on Virginia Pesticide Applicator Certification,
                    contact the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
                        Kathy Dictor at


Starting in the Garden Center Business   [Back to Top]

A newly revised book, Establishing and Operating a Garden Center: Requirements and Costs,
discusses planning, capital investments, product mixes, labor, customer profiles, garden center layouts,
pricing, advertising, and financial analysis. Two example businesses are analyzed throughout the book:
one with annual sales of $1 million and another with annual sales of $350,000. The 66-page book is for
potential and current garden center owners, their business advisors, educators, and researchers. (2002)

Connecting Businesses with Federal Agencies
            Excellent resource for Starting a Business or info on business development, financial assistance,
             taxes, laws and regulations, workplace issues, buying and selling and federal forms

Starting in the Nursery Business     [Back to Top]

So, You Want to Start a Nursery, by Tony Avent, published by Timber Press ( ), is now available. This comprehensive book touches on a broad range of issues that you will encounter as a prospective nursery owner. If you or someone you know has been thinking about the "n" word, save lots of time, money, and heartache by learning ahead of time what will be involved. Small nurseries looking to expand will also benefit from the detailed information. Topics covered range from selecting the type of nursery that you will start, selecting land, irrigation, writing a catalog, pricing plants, the effect of the nursery business on family relationships, handling employees, as well as marketing your plants. We think you will find this to be a thought-provoking information-packed book that fills a huge void in the practical how-to world of running a nursery. (2003)

Getting Started in the Nursery Business
        1. Nursery Production Options
Virginia Tech publication, new in 2002

Resources for Greenhouse and Nursery Operations and Operators
            Virginia Tech Publication, new 2002

The Nursery Business, Sources of Information and References (NCSU)

NurseryWeb Maryland Cooperative Extension -
                    quality links and information resources

Nursery Budgets - What You Need to Know to Make the Right Decisions

Layout and Design Considerations for a Wholesale Container Nursery

Summary of Federal Laws and Regulations Affecting Agricultural Employers, 2000

Best Management Practices for Field Production of Nursery Stock - NCSU 

Guide to Virginia Growers 2004 Online 

Nursery Inspection Permit Info/Forms              

Pesticide Business License/Pesticide Applicator License  

Pot-In-Pot Production Of Nursery Crops And Christmas Trees  

Stress Management Help 

Sustainable Small Scale Nursery Production

Find Fast Business Answers at SCORE
SCORE's email counseling service enables entrepreneurs
to ask business questions online. Within 48 hours,
SCORE's volunteer counselors provide relevant business answers.
If you need fast, easy access to information on a wide
range of small business topics, ask one of SCORE's dedicated
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SCORE counseling is free and confidential.
Get started at

Internet portal that serves as a central point for Virginia business assistance information and inquiries, .  Designed by the Virginia Department of Business Assistance (DBA
) and the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA), the portal consolidates information
about Virginia's various business assistance and support services such as grants, loans, workforce training,
and licensing together in one site to allow consumers to find useful and relevant information quickly. (10/5/05)

"This portal employs user-friendly technology to provide a single gateway to all the many services Virginia
offers businesses throughout state government," Governor Warner said. "This new site provides immediate
access to information and assistance, and further enhances Virginia's business-friendly environment."

The portal was designed from customer input and includes four main categories of information requested by businesses:

* Starting a Business - serves as a link to information relevant to businesses and entrepreneurs who are getting started,
        including registering and licensing procedures and permits.
* Running a Business - includes information such as regulations, employment and tax laws for existing businesses.
* Business Resources - connects businesses to services including counseling and industry organizations.
* Out of State Businesses- provides information applicable to out-of-state businesses seeking expansion or relocation in Virginia.

SCORE Launches Online Disaster Assistance
            Information on disaster assistance for small business owners. The new section features
            how-to articles on disaster preparedness and recovery, helpful tips to keep your business
            afloat and important disaster assistance links for small businesses. Learn more by visiting,

Apply For SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan
            Small Businesses across the country are now eligible for disaster loan assistance from the
            Small Business Administration (SBA). Under the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)
            program, businesses that have suffered substantial economic injury as a direct result of the
            terrorist attacks or a Federal action taken directly after the attacks may apply for a loan through
            one of the four SBA disaster offices.
            To learn more, visit (11/05/01)

Small Business Resources/Forms from SCORE and IRS  - FREE Resource CD
            The Small Business Resource Guide, CD-ROM 2002 is intended to be a one-stop source
            of easy to access federal tax and other regulatory information as well as other information
            important to small business entrepreneurs. The CD contains business tax forms, instructions,
            and publications needed by small business owners. In addition, the CD provides an abundance
            of other helpful information, such as how to prepare a business plan, finding financing for your
            business, and much more.

Technical Info on Bulbs 

Virginia Sod Directory - Information on sod producers, sod selection, and installation

Reforestation, Nursery and Genetics Resources
This website is the ultimate in “one-stop shopping” for nursery information.
The site includes information on upcoming meetings and nursery-related publications.
The main menu includes a publication links to several excellent publications including:
    §      Forest Nursery Notes, a quarterly publication that highlights the latest in nursery technology and issues
    §      Tree Planters Notes and the National Nursery Proceedings provide original research articles
                on nursery production
    §      The Container Tree Nursery Manual, one the best sources of information on all aspects
                of container nursery culture with individual volumes on Nursery Planning, Container Media,
                Atmospheric Environment, Nutrition and Irrigation, Nursery Pests, and Propagation.
                Each chapter is available as a printable .pdf file and is available in Spanish as well.
The National Tree Seed Lab
                This site provides links and information related to seed technology and seed testing.
                One of the highlights of this site is that the Woody Plant Seed Manual is now available on-line.
                This site also links to the NTSL newsletter
Silvics of North America
        Silvics of North America provides a detailed summary of the biological and ecological
        characteristics of every major forest tree species in the United States including information
        on climate, native soils, response to competition, flowering, growth characteristics, and native range maps.

Guide to Establishing a Business in Virginia
  Extensive Resources

Virginia is For Business Resources

Connecting Businesses with Federal Agencies
            Excellent resource for Starting a Business or info on business development, financial assistance,
             taxes, laws and regulations, workplace issues, buying and selling and federal forms

Starting in the Greenhouse Business [Back to Top]

Resources for Greenhouse and Nursery Operations and Operators
            Virginia Tech Publication, new 2002

Virginia Tech Floriculture Website 
            (Info includes a Resource Guide for greenhouse operators, tables on PGR's and  their
            application rates for floricultural crops, a summary of research results on PGR applications
            on herbaceous bedding plants, a basic description of fertilizer calculations etc.)

Virginia Tech Greenhouse Extension Publications

Pest Management for Herb Bedding Plants
          Grown in the Greenhouse

            A new 29-page manual from the University of Connecticut titled  contains good pest control information and
             good color photos. It covers insect and disease identification and management, scouting and record keeping.
            The manual can be downloaded for free as a pdf file at:
              provided by: Joyce G. Latimer, Extension Specialist, Greenhouse Crops, Virginia Tech, Department of Horticulture,
            306D Saunders Hall - 0327, Blacksburg, VA 24061,
            Phone: 540-231-7906, FAX: 540-231-3083,

Enhancing Greenhouse Profitability

"Energy Conservation for Commercial Greenhouses"
            The revised 84-page is a practical book that reviews the merits and limitations of current energy-   
            conservation strategies for commercial greenhouses. It was written by GMPRO on Technology
            columnist John Bartok, an ext. professor emeritus and ag engineer at Univ. of Conn. Topics include
             principles of heat loss, site selection and modification, construction materials, fuels and heating,
            ventilating and cooling, controllers, boom and ebb-and-flood irrigation, utilities and strategies for
            reducing trucking costs. It costs $17 plus shipping.

Payback for Greenhouse Energy Conservation will be shorter than for installing alternative fuel systems
Click here for John Bartok's Greenhouse Energy Conservation Checklist (10/13/05)

Reduce Your Greenhouse Energy Bill
                10 Tips for saving (click for MS Word file)

Greenhouse Cutting Production Cost Analysis Excel Spreadsheet
            free, downloadable, Excel spreadsheet developed by Paul Fischer at the Univ of New Hampshire
            to evaluate the profitability of producing your own vegetative cuttings, crop by crop.
            A previous posting of a PowerPoint presentation on the technology & costs of producing cuttings may also interest you.

                Cost Accounting:
Budget for Producing Vegetative Cuttings:
                    Excel Spreadsheet
                   Technology & Costs of Producing Cuttings

Perennial Database Searchable Database
            The second is a new perennials website with a searchable database of 150 perennials
            complete with photos and plant characteristics. The database is embellished with comments
            based on plant performance in the Ithaca, NY area.

Sub-Irrigation For Greenhouse Crops
Subirrigation is becoming an increasingly common way of watering and fertilizing
            greenhouse crops. This article is for growers considering a subirrigation system
            or just starting out with a new systems, Dr. Douglas Cox, Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences,
                 University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
(Click here for MS Word File)

The Mystery of Choosing Fertilizers
            What type of fertilizer do you use? How many parts per million (PPM) of nitrogen
            are you applying? Are you using an ammonium-based or nitrate based fertilizer?
            What temperatures are you running your greenhouse? Is your irrigation being
            supplied by well water or are you using city water?  
                Jillanne R. Burns, Cornell Cooperative Extension
(Click here for a MS Word file)

Tips on Easter lily production, harvesting and consumer care
            Easter Lily Research Foundation
            Question and answer forum
             Email:   Website:

"PICT Guide of Poinsettia Disorders" contains photos of poinsettia problems along with descriptive
             information. Developed by floriculture specialists from NCSU and Univ. of Ill., the 3-by-6-inch
            pocket guide, printed on UV-resistant plastic, contains information on insect, disease, physiological
            and nutritional disorders. It costs $20 plus postage. 3 other photo guides are available: "Bedding
            Plant Disorders," "Fall Crop Disorders" (garden mums, garden asters and ornamental kale) and
            "Pansy Disorders."  (6/27/02)

 Poinsettia Manual- everything you wanted to know about poinsettias *but were afraid to ask
            Re-written by Paul Ecke click here for details   7/26/04

Greenhouse Tomato Production Info
    (GH Tomato FAQ)

Total Plant Management for Greenhouse Production (new manual) 1/25/05
                by The University of Maryland Cooperative Extension
      , 310-596-9413,  ($25.00)

Forcing Perennials: Flower Induction Table and Perennial Production Fact Sheets
       Michigan State University (4/27/05)

Suppliers          [Back to Top]

Wetsel Seed Co

Maryland Plant & Supplies

Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies

A.M. Leonard


Gardens/Arboretums  [Back to Top]

JC Raulston Arboretum, NCSU 

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond 

U.S. National Arboretum, Washington, DC 

Maymont Foundation 

Virginia Tech Green Horticulture Gardens 

State Arboretum of Virginia at Blandy

  Water Resources/Info

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Who Needs a Permit for a Surface Water Withdrawal in Virginia? Click here

Virginia Water Monitoring Council

Webmaster: HortMan

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