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Virginia Green Industry Council Annual Meeting

January 10, 2005
Richmond Marriott Hotel

Present: Cary Gouldin, Jeff Miller, Lin Diacont, Mary Williams, VSLD Representative, Rick Baker, Lorene Blackwood, Nanette Parsons, Paul Hartzell, Lou Kobus

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes were approved. See attachment.

Presidents Comments: Mary Williams was recognized for being elected Nurseryman of the Year.

Update Jamestown 2007 - Lou Kobus will head the committee and will coordinate efforts to promote the Green Industry. He will coordinate efforts with VGIC, VNLA, VTC and VSLD. to work on the Jamestown 2007 Native Plant Project.

Project Evergreen: Lin is working with this national organization out of North Carolina to see if it is feasible to partner with them in promoting the Green Industry. They are a newly established professional land care organization.

Jeff Miller, Executive Director

One constant in all the meetings it that more information is needed for the web site. There are 50 speakers listed on this site for our Speakers Bureau. Some are free, others charge a fee.

Press Releases: 99,510 newspapers carried articles about gardening for the VGIC. These numbers were tracked by a clipping service. We are making progress.

We are starting to experience increased traffic on the web site.

Please send Jeff anything that might be of interest!!! We’re all in this together.


Lin talked with potential members at MANTS and will make a follow up call to encourage membership.

Shelly Arthur will present membership opportunities to the VSLD at their next Board Meeting.

It was decided that Jeff would represent the VGIC at as many organizational meeting as possible to generate membership. The VGIC will provide travel expenses.

Rick Baker, FISMAT - The Grant, which was to end in March, has been extended until the spring of 2006. The USDA oversight person was pleased to see the extent of exposure that we were able to generate with a small amount of money. Greg Eaton will develop an exit survey to be used in 2006.

Cary Gouldin, Finance Committee: The budget is in place and there have been no additional expenses.

MaryWilliams, Membership - Membership solicitation letters have been sent to the presidents of all associated organizations of the Green Industry. There has been a positive response that each organization would have a presence on our web site with their logo. Mary will continue to look for more organizations to contact.

Greg Eaton, Programs and Education - Many thanks to Greg for developing a VGIC membership solicitation PowerPoint presentation.

Lorene Blackwood, Legislative Issues - In response for support of the Clean Water Act, the VGIC , as champions of the environment, continues to support efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay.

See attachment for drought issue update.

Need to follow up on SOD, Sudden Oak Death Syndrome.

VGIC will provide 1,000 potted plants for the Virginia Agribusiness Banquet which will be held at the Arthur Ashe Center, January 13. This is a terrific opportunity for the industry to be recognized by legislators, and the Governor. Cary Gouldin has orchestrated all the donations. Carol Smallwood and Gwynn Hubbard will help Cary.

VGIC supports the legislation that will move Virginia Arbor Day to the 4th Friday of April which will coincide with the National Arbor Day.

VGIC will sponsor Richard Nunnally at the Maymount Garden and Flower Show. VSLD will have a booth and will promote the Green Industry by passing out brochures and magnets. Cary will supply flowers for the booth and Jeff will provide signage.

Activities: Lin will represent the VGIC at the Virginia Beach Flower and Garden Show, January 29.

New Business:

Virginia Tech is conducting a survey to determine if there is a need for a Master’s Degree Program in Horticulture.

Ag in the Classroom is working to expand their program to high school.

Respectively submitted,

Lorene Blackwood


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