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VHC Spring Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 12, 2002, TIME: 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

LOCATION: State Fair Offices, Richmond, VA

The meeting was called to order by Jeri LeMay, President with the following people in attendance (see attached list) She introduced the Martin Branding group for their survey report presentation.

Rob and David Martin made a presentation of their results of the VHC Brand Focus Study. The objective was to provide a strategic focus for the VHC by identifying the councilís brand promise -- its unmatched claim to fame.

The five key values from the study were economy, wellness, environment, education, and responsible with "education" being the one value that stands out with decision makers. Education was most often chosen because VHC is seen as the channel for educating both the legislature and the public on issues that are important to the environment. Education can be the primary focus of the council; from this focus all other values may be manifested (i.e. "Economy", "Wellness", " Environment", "Responsible").

The One Thing that the VHC does best is being the "Champions of the Environment". To the public, VHC is the educational force that insures that the environment is protected. The VHC promotes the proper stewardship of the environment through public and industry education and through certified management practices.

Brand Haiku Phrases (Key Messages)

bulletMembers  adhere to an environmental code
bulletWe champion the environment and what it means to our health and psychological well being
bulletWhat we do is essential, not only to the air we breathe, but to the quality and the enjoyment of life in Virginia

Key recommendations:

bulletDefine for the public who VHC is. Agriculture, other than food, fiber, dairy or livestock.
bulletCreate a state of mind about Green value
o Anyone that grows non-edible green crops
o Clearinghouse for environmental education
o Hold major event annually
o Develop an on-going theme
bulletMake it clear to all that VHC is an education organization, not a lobbying group
bulletCertify members of the industry (like CPAs)
bulletEstablish/promote a "Green Virginia" Environmental Code

Recommended Name: Virginia Green Industry Council

Slogan: "Keep Virginia Green and Growing"

Next Steps - Name Change

bulletChange VHC name to Virginia Green Industry Council of Virginia
bullet"The Green Industry" and the theme "Keep Virginia Green and Growing" should be the rallying cry
bulletThrough promotional efforts awaken the General Assembly to the public need for a green and growing Virginia
bulletPave the way for other organizations to join in and help keep Virginia green and growing
bulletParlay into retail promotion - we are all green growers (consumers and producers)

Next Steps - Membership

bulletExpand the groups and the membership
o (Membership now is seen as exclusive rather than inclusive)
o Be inclusive and find a way for additional organizations and associations to be included
bulletInvite members of other organizations to become associate members of the Green Industry Council
bulletEnable associate memberships for a nominal fee. Provide them with materials (membership benefits)

Next Steps- Environmental Code

bulletAppoint committee for development of the Environmental Code as a condition and certification of membership
bulletPromote broad use and understanding of the Green Industry "Environmental Code"
bulletMake it a benefit for the public/consumer
bulletDetermine how members can use the code to promote themselves and the industry.

Next Steps - Identity Development

bulletDevelop Logo/Symbol Create a Green Symbol: Something green, alive and growing
bulletCreate a campaign for "Keep Virginia Green and Growing" like "Got Milk" or California Raisins
bulletCreate a state of mind about Green values
bulletEstablish National Green Industry Council

Sum & Substance

bulletBecome known as the Green Industry - an educational force that insures that the environment is protected.
bulletBecome famous as "champions of the environment"
bulletExpand membership to become powerful force
bulletEstablish a Green Industry "Environmental Code"
bulletCertify members
bulletDevelop a communications/promotion plan to expand awareness, interest, and understanding

A motion was made to accept the report and to approve the expenditure of up to $30,000 for the next phase of the program to develop a logo, colors, graphics and theme for the council pending an updated budget and proposal from Martin Branding.

"Virginia Grown" Fall Campaign - Ed Kerr, Director of VDACS Office of Promotion and Marketing Services, made a presentation on their fall program "Virginia Grown" which will feature nursery and floral crops. A motion was made to form a committee to work with VDACS and to coordinate "Virginia Grown" with the VGIC (Virginia Green Industry Council) and Martin Branding, seconded and passed.

Jeri LeMay will setup the necessary committees for the VGIC for 2002 - a Public Relations Committee to work with VDACS on the Virginia Grown project and a committee to review the dues structure..

Treasurerís Report, Jeff Miller presented the Balance Sheet and Income Statement as of March 11, 2002 as well as year-end statements for 2001 with 2000 comparison. Current assets are $28,691.61 with one liability of $10,000


Anti-Trust Compliance for Associations - Jeff Miller reviewed anti-trust compliance issues and noted that everyone had a copy of policies and procedures on the back of their agenda.

Virginia Tech Farm & Family Showcase 2002 - Greg Eaton discussed the 2001 showcase and plans for the 2002 showcase and encouraged the council to develop hands-on exhibits. A motion was made to participate in the 2002 event, Jeff Miller will coordinate with input and participation for the VGIC member associations, seconded and passed.

Urban Forest Councilís program "Donít Top Trees" was discussed as a possible council participation program.

Joint Legislative Opportunities - Mary Williams discussed the 2002 Arborist legislation and possibilities of VGIC participation the Virginia Agribusiness Food Festival.

Virginia Green Industry Consumer Website, Jeff Miller requested input for the website.

Group Health Insurance Options, Lorene Blackwood announced that she was getting additional information on options.

Update on State Fair - Lorene Blackwood announced that the Fair would continue at the current site for at least another 4-5 years. The proposed Henrico County site was not being considered anymore. They will continue to look at all their options to pick the best possible site.

2:30 p.m. Adjourn

Unifying Green Industry in Virginia!

Attendee List

Lorene BlackwoodAREState Fair of Virginia
Gwyn HubbardAREState Fair of Virginia
KarenKellyCVNLACentral Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association
DennisRobertsonCVNLACentral Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association
JeffWetselCVNLACentral Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association
MaryWilliamsCVNLACentral Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association
Nancy HerwigMAC-ISAMid-Atlantic Chapter - International Society of Arboriculture
JoelKociMAC-ISAMid-Atlantic Chapter - International Society of Arboriculture
DwayneD'ArdenneSWVNLASouthwest Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association
Don BlankenshipVDACSVDACS Deputy Commissioner
EdKerrVDACSVDACS Marketing
KentLewisVDACSVDACS Marketing
TomO'HalloranVCTGAVirginia Christmas Tree Growers Association
Cary GouldinVFGAVirginia Flower Growers Association
MarkLandaVFGAVirginia Flower Growers Association
JeriLeMayVFGAVirginia Green Industry Council President
JeffMillerVHCVirginia Green Industry Council
BillBonwellVMGHanover Master Gardeners
JerryCarterVNLAVirginia Nursery & Landscape Association
MattDeivertVNLAVirginia Nursery & Landscape Association
TscharnerWatkinsVNLAVirginia Nursery & Landscape Association
KathyBrooksVSLDVA Society of Landscape Designers
LorrieLincolnVSLDVirginia Society of Landscape Designers
GregEatonVT HortVirginia Tech Dept of Green Industry
LinDiacontVTCVirginia Turfgrass Council
LouKobusVTCVirginia Turfgrass Council
MicheleFletcherVNLAVirginia Nursery & Landscape Association
Nanette ParsonsVSLDVirginia Society of Landscape Designers
DonnaPugh JohnsonVACVirginia Agribusiness Council
















Anti-Trust annual review Ė anti-trust issues to avoid at meetings and committee chairs should review them with their committee members.


Antitrust Compliance for Association:
Policies and Procedures

(Please review and retain for personal files.)

It shall be the policy of the Association to be in strict compliance with all Federal and State Antitrust laws, rules and regulations. Therefore:

These policies and procedures apply to all membership, board, committee and other meetings of the Association, and all meetings attended by representatives of the Association.

Discussions of prices or price levels is prohibited. In addition, no discussion is permitted of any elements of a company's operations which might influence price such as:

bulletCost of operations, supplies, labor or services;
bulletAllowance for discounts;
bulletTerms of sale including credit arrangements; and,
bulletProfit margins and mark ups, provided this limitation shall not extend to discussions of methods of operation, maintenance, and similar matters in which cost or efficiency is merely incidental.

It is a violation of Antitrust laws to agree not to compete, therefore, discussions of division of territories or customers or limitations on the nature of business carried on or products sold are not permitted.

Boycotts in any form are unlawful. Discussion relating to boycotts is prohibited, including discussions about blacklisting or unfavorable reports about particular companies including their financial situation.

It is the Association's policy that all meetings attended by representatives of the Association where discussion can border on an area of antitrust sensitivity, the Association's representative request that the discussion be stopped and ask that the request be made a part of the minutes of the meeting being attended. If others continue such discussion, the Association's representative should excuse himself from the meeting and request that the minutes show that he left the meeting at that point and why he left. Any such instances should be reported immediately to the President and staff of the Association.

It is the Association's policy that a copy of these Antitrust Compliance Policies and Procedures be given to each officer, director, committee member, official representative of member companies and Association employees annually and that the same be read, or understood at all meetings of the membership of the Association.

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