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VGIC Minutes June 14, 2004

Virginia Green Industry Council
June 14, 2004
State Fair of Virginia Conference Room, Richmond
Cary Gouldin, Jeff Miller, Lin Diacont, Bill Bonwell, Mary Williams, Representative from Christmas Tree Growers: Ron Hoke, VSLD Representative: Shelly Arthur, Rick Baker, Gwynn Hubbard,  Joyce Latimer, Lorene Blackwood
Presidents Comments: It is critical that the Council implement the plan to promote VGIC with the FISMIP funding.
2004 Meeting Dates:
9/24/04      9:00- noon at the State Fair Office
                     Attend AgDay at the State Fair  at 2:00 pm
11/15/04 1:00-4:00 State Fair Conference Room
1/10/05 1:00-4:00 Richmond Marriott/Turf Grass Conference
Executive Directors Report Jeff Miller
The following are 2004 Registered Trademarks for the Green Industry Council 
Champions of the Environment
Keeping Virginia Green and Growing
The Leaf design
Virginia Green Industry Council
(Expires in 2009 without renewal)
New President of  State Fair was introduced, Curry Roberts. He thanked the Green Industry for it’s continued support through its contributions to the Gardens. The State Fair has a contact with the Richmond Raceway Complex through 2005.. 
Treasurer’s Report $13,675.49 in Treasury
Dues from Membership    $2,551.00
Committee Report:
Mary Williams will replace Linda Anson as Chair for the Membership Committee.
All Committee’s are to meet prior to the September meeting to update their needs and budgets and submit their budget requests to Cary, Chairman of  the Finance Committee.
Cary requested that all the Committee Chairs submit budget requests and submit any expenditures.
Communications and Public Relations
VGIC Marketing Plan
Joyce Latimer is currently developing a strategy for the VGIC Committee to send MG and Extension Agents forms for the Speakers Data Base Green Industry will do a monthly email newsletter in HTML format. Jeff provided four news releases that have been sent out
A Sense of Humor Increases Gardening Enjoyment
Designer Gardens
Designing Kid-Friendly Landscapes
How Much Mulch
Legislative Issues:
Kathy Keyger has replaced Sam Hamilton on the Virginia Agribusiness Council staff. She will be the VGIC’s representative for water policy.
Old Business:
Rick has asked for an extension for the FSMIP Grant that will extend to August 2005. Anyone having expenditures under the grant, send them to Rick for reimbursements.
State Fair Update: Gwynn Hubbard
Student Garden theme: Hidden Places
Carol Smallwood will be soliciting donations for the gardens this year.
Agribusiness Food Festival: VGIC will work with the Council but will not have the major presentation at the gates as in the past.
VGIC sponsored speaker, Bob Lyons at Maymont
Meeting adjourned due to time constraints:
Respectively submitted,
Lorene Blackwood, Secretary

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