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VGIC Minutes June 25, 2003

Minutes Virginia Green Industry Council
Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Richmond, Virginia

Welcome: Jeri LeMay, President (1:00 pm)

Present were: Jeff Miller, Gwyn Hubbard, Lorene Blackwood, Joel Koci, , Mary Williams, Lin Diacont, Lorrie Lincoln, Rick Baker, Cary Gouldin, Michael Likin, Mike Droney, Karen Kelly, Bill Bonwell

Secretary’s Report: Minutes Approved Treasurer’s Report: Approved We’re up on membership, halfway to our membership goal for 2003.

Website: Jeff requested that each member/association provide him with upcoming events to list on the Calendar of Events on the website which will provide a better resource for associations to coordinate their events and for members to have a one-stop location to see all the upcoming green industry events with links to additional details on . Each association also needs to provide timely consumer information for the consumer website: This can be short tips with links you the association website or other sources of additional information. Jeff is working on a proposal to provide the green industry with answers to consumer questions, through, with possible links to association members websites which could also serve as a possible revenue resource for the Virginia Green Industry Council.

FSMIP Grant Update: Rick submitted the grant proposal and we will be notified in late June regarding the outcome. If this is approved, the grant will go through the VDACS, and the monies must be spent as allocated by the grant. Rick and Tom thanked Jeff for his help in securing all the needed information. The Council recognized Rick and Tom for their diligence and determination in writing this proposal. They noted that it was due to the strategic planning meeting that this need was brought to their attention and they were pleased to be a part of this process.

Strategic Plan Overview - Council is on task with the committees.

Committee Reports:

Budget and Finance: Cary reported that we need to focus on Sponsorships to ensure sound financial footing. He reviewed the committees notes *see attached. VNLA has already become a sponsor with $2,700. The consensus was that the Virginia Flower Growers, Virginia Turf Grass Council and other organizations would also become sponsors.

Membership: Linda Anson reported that the membership is growing and that we are half way for the 2003 membership drive with eight new members.

Communications and Public Relations: Jeri will contact Joyce Latimer regarding the importance of this committee. Lin volunteered to laminate promotional pieces that can be used in various events. Jeff noted there has been a good response for the identification of speakers for the VGIC database. Michele Fletcher is working on compiling the database. Jeff also requested educational articles that can be posted on our web site. This information is to be sent in “Word” format.

Programs and Education: The educational focus continues to be on Water Wise Gardening and Invasive Plant Materials. Greg asked that the VGIC support the VT Farm and Family Showcase, September 4, 5,and 6. The following groups will provide special programs for the three days: ISA, VTC, VNLA, VSLA and VFGA focusing on Water Wise Gardening.

State Fair will be September 25 through October 5. The theme for the State Fair Student Gardens will be “Backyard Wildlife Habitat.” The Water Wise Garden will be located in the brick garden. Gwen has contacted various schools requesting participation.

Karen Kelly was recognized, in abstencia, for having won the Best in Show at the 2003 Maymont Flower and Garden Show. A framed picture will be presented to Karen.

Legislative Issues: Lorene will be the conduit to disseminate legislative issues to the membership. Council voted to provide 110 centerpieces, with the support of the Agribusiness Council, for the Virginia Agribusiness Banquet, January 15, 2004. Cary and Lorene will meet with Donna Johnson to determine the logistics. Lin noted that this is an outstanding vehicle to heighten awareness of the VGIC to the legislators of Virginia.

Old Business: Jeri will continue to represent the VGIC on the Drought Advisory Council, headed by David Paylor. New Business: The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, August 5.

Being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Submitted by Lorene Blackwood, VGIC Secretary.


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