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VGIC Minutes, August 6, 2002

August Green Industry Council Meeting
State Fair Office Conference Room

Jeri LeMay called the meeting to order. The following were present. Jerzy Nowak, Jeff miller, Karen Kelly, Mary Williams, Lin Diacont, Lorene Blackwood, Cary Gouldin, Lyn Morrow, (2 from VLDA (can’t remember their names). Dave Martin, Rob Martin, David Martin, Madelyn , Mark Landum, Greg Eaton, Cary Monger, Carol Smallwood

Martin Branding presented their Branding Study and recommendations. Goals for the Green Industry: Unify the industry throughout Virginia. Create Awareness of the Industry Broaden Membership Build equity in membership. Develop an Environmental Code Water Wise Clean Air through plantings Energy Conservation Chemical Application-proactive, environmentally friendly Beautification Maintain identity of Environmental Champions

Goals of Council will be to: Develop a Syndicated Educational Column Develop a Speakers Bureau from members (training will be provided) Newletter-review the possibilities of tagging with the VNLA Newsletter Sponsor and create an event that focuses on the Green Industry for the public in 2004 Link with the Farm and Family Showcase

Voted to develop letterhead, envelopes and brochure with new logo. Provide business cards for Jeff.

The Treasurers Report was accepted. The Council is to review the dues structure and redefine who actually represents the Green Industry. Instead of just having a representative from the auxiliary groups to have their Presidents attend the annual meeting as well as empowering a representative to make voting decisions.

Greg Eaton suggested that a membership committee clarify the levels of membership.

Voted to maintain present dues structure.

Jerzy Nowak gave an update at Virginia Tech.

Voted to change the name from the Virginia Horticulture Council to the Virginia Green Industry Council.

Voted to maintain the current slate of officers during this transition period.

Council will reimburse Jeff for 100 hours of past work.

Greg Eaton will help with the design and hierarchy of our web site, especially with the passwords for informational site versus member site. Funding for site will come from dues.

State Fair Student Gardens needs better signage. Develop a Water Wise Garden for educational purposes.

Voted to have a Strategic Planning Meeting in November.

Respectively submitted, Lorene Blackwood, Secretary


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