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VGIC Minutes, August 27, 2003

Minutes Virginia Green Industry Council
Wednesday, August 27, 2003
State Fair Office Richmond, Virginia

Welcome: Jeri LeMay, President

Present were: Jeff Miller, Gwyn Hubbard, Lorene Blackwood, Mary Williams, Lin Diacont, Rick Baker, Cary Gouldin, Kent Lewis, Bill Bonwell,Greg Eaton,Tom Driscoll, Michele Fletcher, Jeri LeMay.

Secretary’s Report: Approved

Treasurer’s Report: Approved We’re up on membership, halfway to our membership goal for 2003.

FSMIP Grant Update: Rick Baker presented the guidelines for FSMIP Grant. See Attachment for details.

Those present designed a Virginia Green Industry Consumer Survey and it will be used at the Farm and Family Showcase and the State Fair. Greg Eaton and Tom Driscoll spearheaded the discussion, The content and verbiage will be fine tuned by Tom Driscoll (volunteer) and Greg Eaton. Greg said that he might be able to hire students to tabulate the results. The Grant allocates $7,500 to be used for the survey.

Jeri and other Green Industry members will conduct the survey at the Farm and Family Showcase.The Master Gardeners will conduct the survey during the State Fair in the greenhouse.

Domain name for the Internet and trademark needs to be registered.

Jeff will prepare 2 draft seasonal articles for Fall/Christmas news releases and check on registering the VGIC name.

New officers will be elected in January.

Website: Jeff requested that everyone submit information for the consumer website ( and for the green industry website (

Respectively submitted, Lorene Blackwood, Secretary


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