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Virginia Green Industry Council

November 15, 2004
State Fair of Virginia Conference Room

Present: Cary Gouldin, Jeff Miller, Lin Diacont, Bill Bonwell, Mary Williams, VSLD Representative, Shelly Arthur, Rick Baker, Gwynn Hubbard, Joyce Latimer, Lorene Blackwood, Doug Hensel, Greg Eaton, Donna Pugh Johnson

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes were approved. See attachment

Ross Richard, Publicity and Promotions Manager of Jamestown 2007, made a presentation regarding the progress of the Jamestown 2007 Celebration.

Presidents Comments:

Dates for 2005 Meetings

January 10 Richmond Marriott in concert with the VTC 1:00-4:00

March 7 State Fair Office  1:00-400

June 20 State Fair Office 1:00-4:00

September 23 State Fair Office 9:00-noon

November 14 1:00-4:00 State Fair Office

All Committee Reports are to be submitted on line for ease of access and readability

All committees are to utilize the FISMIP monies by August 31. Rick Baker requested that the spending deadline should be July 31. Lin will contact each committee to make certain that everyone in on schedule. There is a possibility that an ad hoc committee will be established work on the Jamestown 2007 Native Plant project.

Jeff Miller, Executive Director

Jeff reported that information for the web site from members and committees has not been positive. We need more articles and material for the web site.

Greg and Joyce will contact all Extension Agents and suggest the public visit for gardening information.

Committee Reports:

Finance Committee

Cary presented the proposed 2005 budget. It was approved. Council voted to approve the motion to increase web site sales by providing Jeff Miller with a 20% commission on all web site sales and sponsorships. Motion was made by Lorene and seconded by Rick and passed unanimously.

Communication and Publications

Joyce is developing a membership association newsletter.


Mary reported that letters have been written to individuals, associations and companies soliciting membership for the VGIC. When the power point presentation is complete, Mary will take to the different groups. Lin will be the facilitator for securing the necessary equipment for presentations.

State Fair:

It was suggested that VNLA brochures and other gardening information be distributed under the VGIC name. This will provide greater exposure for all groups. We should ask Extension Agents to help with printing of education materials.

Gwynn reported on the success of the gardens and plant sale. Attachment

She also requested that a theme for the student gardens be established early so that the teachers can plan ahead.

Programs and Education

Greg Eaton presented the Power Point presentation for the VGIC to use in recruiting membership. The narrative was provided to all members to critique and finalize the presentation by the end of the year. Great job Greg!!!!

Doug Hensel will contact Richard Nunnally to see if we can have some exposure on his program.

Legislative Issues:

Donna Johnson, President Agribusiness Council reviewed the 2005 upcoming legislative issues that are potential issues.

There is legislation to move the Virginia Arbor Day to the same day as the National Arbor Day. Mary is to see if there is any opposition to changing the date.

The repeal of the Estate Tax is still on the Agribusiness agenda.

Virginia Clean Rivers, Clean Chesapeake Legislation –After great discussion, the Council is going to study and make a decision on supporting this legislation prior to the Agribusiness Council meeting in December. See attachment.

All members are requested to send their views on this issue to Lorene

Lin thanked Doug Hensel for organizing the WBTV Gardening Questions at opportunity. They had three times as many calls as they normally do.

The VGIC will once again provide the flowers for the AgriBusiness Banquet, January 13 at the Arthur Ashe Center. Cary is spearheading this endeavor. Carol Smallwood and Gwynn Hubbard are working with Cary. Additional help is needed to sleeve the arrangements on the 12th and put the arrangements on the tables on the 13th. Contact Cary if you can help.

Respectively submitted,

Lorene Blackwood


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