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VGIC Accomplishments in 2008

 Virginia Agribusiness Council Appreciation Banquet: Provided centerpieces for the tables at the banquet and other decorations and each piece had signage with the VGIC logo along with information about the Green Industry, which helps make our industry more visible to our legislators and their aides.

Arbor Day – Co-sponsored the Virginia Arbor Day Ceremony on the Capitol grounds. With representatives from the VGIC, VNLA and VDACS, Tony Griffin (Capitol Building & Grounds) and Todd Haymore, Commissioner of Agriculture, who accepted the tree for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The 3rd Virginia Garden Festivalsm was successfully completed on Saturday, September 20 at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond with many exhibitors and educational programs in the stand-alone event. The program featured Andre Viette’s live radio show “IN THE GARDEN”. There were keynote presentations by Richard Nunnally, Tim Gwaltney (Encore Azaleas), Mike Lockatell (Iris) and others. The VGIC had sales of $927 from donated plant material from Virginia growers.

State Fair Horticulture Gardens: The VGIC members provided a bountiful supply of plant material to provide and enhanced color landscape for these gardens during the State Fair, which were then sold at the end of the Fair, generating additional revenues ($3,515) for the Council.

Monthly Bulletins on current events and updates were continued this year by Sylvia Wright.

Gardening News Releases: The VGIC released seasonal news releases that were used, reaching over 2,175,470 contacts in daily and non-daily newspapers, websites and magazines.

Monthly GoGreen gardening articles were written by Jeff Miller, Virginia Certified Horticulturist, and submitted to newspapers statewide by VDACS and by the VGIC office. The WaterWise article was picked up by the August Farm Bureau News magazine.  (the trade website) continues to be the “go to” website for the most extensive green industry calendar of events, as well as industry information and resources.  (the consumer website) continues to grow with resources and information for Virginia Gardening information from all segments of the green industry.

Publicity – Sylvia Wright continued to provide an extensive array of news releases and articles promoting the VGIC, resulting in coverage of the VGIC and events in numerous state, regional and national publications.

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