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Plant More Plants

FREE Planting Promotion

The Plant More Plants campaign is now in full swing. Television ads are running in the Hampton Roads, Richmond and Washington, D.C. markets. Online banners ads encouraging people to “grow some good” are also running. The campaign has also seen articles or editorials in the Daily Press, Examiner, Washington Post and Fredericksburg Free Lance Star. An Associated Press article was picked up by media in Virginia, Maryland and D.C.


The campaign’s website, Facebook page, blog and Twitter account are all up and running. They all provide planting tips, sample planting plans and expert advice all designed to encourage homeowners to make their yards more beautiful by planting more plants.


A number of your colleagues have already signed up to participate. You can go to  to see for yourself who has joined the Plant More Plants movement. There is still plenty of time to sign up for this campaign that encourages homeowners to plant trees, shrubs and hardy perennials to help reduce stormwater runoff and erosion in their yards. Businesses that sign up will not only be posted on our website but will also be announced on our Facebook page and Twitter feeds.


Since our notice last month we’ve heard several questions from members. Here are those questions and answers from the Plant More Plants coordinator:


Does it cost VGIC members to participate?


No, there is no out of pocket cost. We do ask retail garden centers and nurseries to share with us figures on the number of trees, shrubs and perennials they sold from March through June 2011 and compare those sales with the same period in 2010. For landscapers and designers we require that you have certain certifications and that you agree to use the Eight Essential Elements of Conservation Landscapes developed by the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council. More information on these requirements is found in the sign up sheets below.


 Are the sales figures needed to participate?


 The sales figures are critical to help judge the effectiveness of the campaign. The measure of effectiveness will have a bearing on the campaign’s future funding. That being said, if it is impossible for retailers to provide those figures we can work something out. We would still ask you to fill out a short survey asking you how you felt sales of those products went this spring and what factors, including Plant More Plants, might have contributed.


 Is this another native plant campaign?


 Plant More Plants is a plant more trees, shrubs and perennials to help make your yard beautiful and reduce the flow of runoff campaign. The campaign does promote the use of native plants. More importantly it promotes the use of plants suited to the region and it encourages avoiding harmful invasive species.


 Go to, view the TV ads and see the type of information being provided. If this type of campaign matches up with your organization's goals and practices, we encourage you to sign up your business as a Plant More Plants partner.


 Click here if you are a retailer/garden center

Click here if you are a landscape contractor/designer

Click here for Plant More Plants Backgrounder info  

Click here if your are interested in contributing to a Blog

If you are a grower, let your customers know about this campaign and go to see sample plans and suggested plants.


 Respond as soon as possible to take advantage of this free advertising and marketing program!


If you have questions please contact Gary Waugh, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation at .

Webmaster: HortMan

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