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Contact:           Sylvia Wright

                        (804) 672-6007




The Wright Scoop Launches Book
– the ABCs of Green Industry Communications 


     Richmond, VA… March 1, 2009 … Richmond based The Wright Scoop – consultant, lecturer, & wordsmith, Sylvia Hoehns Wright, nationally recognized contributing writer and communications specialist, has launched a book, The ABCs of Green Industry Communications: assess, brand & communicate. To review or order, link to web site


The ABCs of Green Industry Communications: assess, brand & communicate


     Aware present-day globalized markets require that you don’t simply sell your work but your self, through soliciting assignments, networking, and gaining credentials through education and experience, Sylvia Hoehns Wright is nation-wide a recognized brand, ‘green’ writer and Industry advocate. A former tech/business communications specialist, Wright transitioned an avocation into an environmental vocation encouraging all to ‘go green’, move from eco-weak to eco-chic.   

     Sharing her scoop – who, what, when, where, why, how and benefits of contributing to niche markets, Wright – as well as other Industry professionals provide tips and strategies for identifying a niche and its required communication  formats.


Words of Praise for Wright's Work

     “For the ‘original GREEN industry’ it’s more important now than ever before to communicate effectively with our ever-changing end consumer - outdoor decorators and home gardeners. Staying relevant to emerging generations of customers will be one of our biggest tasks over the next decade and communication is the key. Ideas abound in ABCs of Green Industry Communications as Sylvia Wright profiles some of the best marketers and communicators in the business, bringing fresh takes and new approaches to attracting and engaging customers.” –    Bill Calkins, business manager at Ball Horticultural Company in West Chicago, Illinois.

     “The green industry does so much good for our communities and our world ... and we should be shouting that to the rooftops. But we hide out light under a bushel. Why? Mostly because too many growers and retailers simply don’t know how to go about promoting their businesses, or don’t know how important it is. They’re plant people, not marketers. Some lack even the most basic of marketing tools: a logo, business cards, letterhead, a Web site .... And in today’s competitive business environment, that’s unacceptable. That’s why it’s great that they now have this ‘instruction manual’ to guide them through the basics of public relations and marketing”. - Chris Beytes, editor & Publisher, GrowerTalks and Green Profit magazines


    “As a former educator, I’ve observed as Wright emphasizes, an image – brand must be relevant, avoid loss of market share through attrition, while placing emphasis on eco, greening, aspects of the product or service provided." - Leonard O. Morrow, PhD, retired botanist and horticulturist  


Project Back Ground –

     For more than two years ago, Wright posed the question – “Do you struggle to establish an easily recognized Industry presence?” Acknowledging Leonard O. Morrow, PhD, retired botanist and horticulturist, as the person that initiate her involvement, it was Morrow who identified a void in Industry education and solicited Wright to initiate research specific to Green Industry communications.

     Aware she was not fully qualified to teach the subject, Wright solicit help from editors, colleague writers, speakers and of course, an array of Industry professionals.      Industry data was collected through interviews, distribution of a survey and the visibility of an ongoing Mid-Atlantic Grower newspaper column. As a result, in addition to personal experience, Wright shares Industry success stories of case study participants Tony Avent, Tom Leonard, Lin Diacont, Stan and Nicole Schermerhorn, Jennifer Loyet-Schamber, Rob and Megan Weary, Brent and Becky Heath, Jeff Minnich, Annette Pelliccio, Lisa Taranto, Dick and Judith Tyler, Edmund C. Snodgrass, Renee Shepherd, Jeff Miller of the Virginia Green Industry Council, Mike Lockatell, Matt Cross and Novalis®.    

     In her book - The ABCs of Green Industry Communications: assess, brand & communicate – Wright emphasizes that what worked yesterday, may not work today and what works presently, may not continue to work. Still, there are underlying mechanics that transfer from sector to sector. She challenges all to identify and then, project well-put-together differentiation images, a brand – you!


Career History -

     A multi-sector advocate – living green, green building and green living, Wright was highlighted as a ‘green writer’ during the 2008 VA Press Women’s conference.  Specific to the topic of Green Industry communications, she has provided speeches for the Annual Garden Writer’s Association Symposium held in Vancouver Canada, Industry short-courses, and association meetings and taught communications through the Virginia community college system.  

     Wright blogs on HGTV-Green, published back-page columns with both Virginia and Washington (DC) gardener magazines, publishes a column with the Mid-Atlantic Grower newspaper, contributes feature articles to Green Profit and Today’s Garden Center magazines, and to The Designer, VA Green Industry Council and VA Nursery and Landscape Association newsletters. She serves as volunteer PR for Virginia’s Green Industry Council’s Go Green projects. Her participation in the annual DC Green Festival is highlighted by the Washington Post newspaper.

     For details of Wright’s business, communication or environmental activities, see web site or contact or call 804-672-6007 or for details of her books see

Sylvia Wright's Storefront -

Wright’s instructor approach is designed to identify a niche and its required publication format. As a veteran freelance and business writer, Wright shares ... - 11k - Cached - Similar pages


Recipient of the 2008 Turn America from Eco-weak to Eco-Chic Award

& 2005 VA Horticulture Foundation Educator Award



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