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Ecke rewrites Poinsettia Manual- everything you wanted to know about poinsettias *but were afraid to ask

 Encinitas, California ¾  Paul Ecke 3, CEO of the Paul Ecke Ranch in Encinitas, CA is pleased to report the completion of The Ecke Poinsettia Manual, recently published by Ball Publishing. Reports Paul, “Growers around the country continue to look to the Ranch for support in every aspect of poinsettia growing – from genetics to the details on ‘how to grow’.  It  was time to revise our manual, updating the full gamut of information – from history to new production techniques to pest management – I am proud to put our name on this book”.

 In 1971 the first Poinsettia Manual was published, written  by Paul Ecke Jr. and O.A. Matkin.  In 1976 this was updated and the second edition of the Poinsettia Manual was printed.  The third Poinsettia Manual was updated by Dr.David Hartley and printed in 1990, a publication that went on to win numerous industry awards.  Since this last publication, so many things have changed that it was truly time to update and rewrite the industry’s main cultural resource for poinsettia growers. This was an effort led by Paul Ecke 3, Andy Higgins, and Jack Williams of the Ecke Ranch and Dr. James Faust of Clemson University.  Andy Higgins, Executive VP of the Ecke Ranch adds, “We all agree that growing poinsettias is a mixture of both art and science, you really have to understand what the plant is doing to make good cultural choices.  The previous manuals did an outstanding job of covering this balance of art and science and we kept  much of that foundation intact in this edition.”  Higgins continues, “We overlaid  it with new techniques and science, new philosophies in production and marketing  and of course, with all new cultivars.  It is amazing how the impact of Freedom, Winter Rose and Prestige have changed how we all look at this crop!”

 The Ecke Poinsettia Manual gives growers the information they have been asking for” says Jack Williams, Technical Advisor at the Ecke Ranch.  “Today’s success is based on poinsettias being programmable, dependable and as free of problems as possible!  Growers need to produce the right products for their market and deliver plants that stand up to the rigors of shipping and handling at retail.  This book provides guidance in areas of scheduling, managing height, nutrition, preventing disorders and other key factors in production from start to finish.  I think growers will appreciate how this book meets their needs.”     

 The new Ecke Poinsettia manual is $49.95 U.S. or $74.95 CAN and available from Ball Publishing, P.O. Box 9/ 335 North River Street, Batavia, IL  60510

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