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Small Business Resource Guide, CD-ROM 2002

- Expanded Description and Further Background -

Technical Specifications


bulletWin 95/98/NT/2000/XP


bulletPowerPC Processor

On the "Installation" page, we included a link to Acrobat Approval 5.0 and an Internet link to Microsoft's home page for a browser upgrade.

Expanded Description

The Small Business Resource Guide, CD-ROM 2002 is intended to be a one-stop source of easy to access federal tax and other regulatory information as well as other information important to small business entrepreneurs. The CD contains business tax forms, instructions, and publications needed by small business owners. In addition, the CD provides an abundance of other helpful information, such as how to prepare a business plan, finding financing for your business, and much more.

Although the CD-ROM is designed to be a stand-alone product its value is greatly enhanced for individuals with Internet access. Internet access will enable a small business to; subscribe to a multi-agency e-mail newsletter, view UPDATES to the CD-ROM at a special web site, and link to thousands of government agency, and non-profit web sites that provide important information for small businesses.

New and enhanced features of CD-ROM 2002 include:

bulletFull Text Search Engine (New).
bulletSubscription Option -- A monthly, multi-agency e-mail newsletter to apprise subscribers of key due dates, events, and changes.
bulletUpdates -- A web link to a special UPDATES page on the IRS Digital Daily. This page will provide the latest changes or corrections to any information on the CD. It will also serve as a preview point for new features to be added to the next version of the Small Business Resource Guide.
bulletFeedback & Suggestions -- A way for a small business to recommend enhancements to the next version of the CD.
bulletBusiness Alerts and Tutorials -- Alerts about things the business owner needs to know now! And Tutorial assistance with important issues.

Full Help Desk Support -- Help is available via phone (703) 487-4608, fax (703) 605-6746 and e-mail at

Further Background

The Small Business Resource Guide CD-ROM is the result of a cross-government effort to provide new small businesses with information that will help them understand their federal tax requirements and other topics. The Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Small Business Administration are providing the leadership and resources to produce this new publication. The U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Social Security Administration, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration also contributed to the content of the CD-ROM 2002.

Feedback received from small businesses, practitioners, Small Business Development Center/Business Information Center counselors, and IRS Taxpayer Education field coordinators has been overwhelmingly positive. Comments generally praise the CD as a real indication that the IRS is changing.


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